ChinaBase Was Invited to Participate in IPEM
Jun 18,2019

ChinaBase Was Invited to Participate in IPEM 


From Jan. 22nd to 24th, ChinaBase organized the delegation to participate in IPEM, and is the first Chinese institution to host a booth in IPEM.


During the IPEM, Jean-Pierre Raffarin, the former prime minister of France, arranged a one-hour meeting with the delegation. Starting from the potential cooperation with the Fondation Prospective et Innovation, both sides discussed how to establish cooperation mechanism on technological, financial and economic level, and to promote the normalization of the mechanism.


Besides, the delegation had an intensive meeting schedule with investment institutions, investment banks, industrial associations, financial/legal/accounting service providers (e.g. Eurazeo, Trial Capital, Oaklins, German PE/VC Association, etc.), and sought potential cooperation on cross-border business, including cross-border investment, M&A, technical exchange and establishment of offshore funds.


The delegation is invited to join the roundtable panel on Sino-Europe investment. The delegation shed light on how would the current world situation affect the Sino-Europe cooperation from the viewpoint of Chinese institutions.

During the visit, the delegation is seeking cooperation on three levels.

 Project Level: Build an accelerator alliance, promoting the two-way innovation exchange between Europe and China.

 Investment Institutions/Investment Banking: Set up co-investment mechanism for investment/M&A opportunities in Europe or China.

 Government and Industrial Organizations: Establish partnership between government/industrial organizations/industrial parks in China and counterparts in Europe, aiming to leverage the superior industrial resources of each side and promoting the glocalization of cutting-edge technology.


What to Expect

2019 marks the 55th year of formal establishment of Sino-France diplomatic relationship. In such a meaningful year, ChinaBase would focus on the landing of existing projects in the pipeline and be devoted to promoting the two-way communication between governments, industrial associations and innovative projects.