ChinaBase partners with Roland Berger
Apr 21,2018

ChinaBase partners with Roland Berger


On March 7th, Zhejiang Qiantangjiang Financial Research Asset Management Co. Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "FR capital"), Qiantangjiang Institute of Financial Research (hereinafter referred to as "QIFR") signed the strategic cooperation agreement with Roland Berger Management Consulting Company (hereinafter referred to as "Roland Berger"). Based on the agreement, the cooperation between the three parties would be more regularly and more in-depth in the future.


Founded in 1967, with nearly 50 years of continuous growth, Roland Berger remains the only leading global consultancy firm with non-Anglo-Saxon roots. Roland Berger has 2,400 employees working in 34 countries, it is one of the leading players in global top-management consulting sector and has successful operated in all major international markets.


FR Capital is a leading asset management company with domestic and international impact. FR maintains good collaborative relationships with large commercial banks, major shareholding commercial banks, large investment banks, insurance agencies, front-tier private equity funds, top educational and research institutions, and lots of public companies. In that case, FR Capital has good cooperative partners for technical assistance, financing support and a variety of the exit options.


FR Capital has built an “ecosystem” which combines industry, finance, education and research together. The core fund of FR Capital is specialized in equity investment, merger and acquisition restructuring, investment bank services and other related services. Qiantangjiang Institute of Financial Research is the education platform which focuses on research and education in the area of Industrial Finance. Chinabase is the “International Innovative accelerator” platform which helps international startups and growth-stage companies successfully enter and expand in the Chinese market. Qiantang River Forum is a non-profit platform which promotes discussions between financial industries in Zhejiang Province and global capital market.


Qiantangjiang Institute of Financial Research is an education institution established by leading enterprises and financial professionals under the guidance of the Zhejiang Provincial Government which focuses on education, academic research and financial advisory services.


Based on the strategic cooperative partnership, the three parties would fully share the worldwide resources with each other as well as cooperate on a knowledge-based level. Roland Berger will provide advisory services and valuable mentorship for both FR Capital and QIFR. Moreover, it will assist in deal sourcing and sector coaching for Chinabase program. All of the parties are looking forward to forming a successful and continuous consortium in regard to competitive advantages.