The ChinaBase program is designed for maximum impact and results in a short amount of time (creating a JV in one month).

During the program, with the support of world- class mentors, applicants will learn about the Chinese market and the specifics of setting up a presence in China, and will be paired with listed companies for a better understanding of local industry and market. Successful partnerships result in the creation of a JV, with clear ownership structure and growth path.

For companies looking to raise capital or seeking an exit in China, they are introduced to selected investors and potential acquirer corporations, respectively. Companies in the program can opt to stay beyond the four weeks period.

WEEK 1-2 Learning
China market introduction; Setting up a presence (JV); Fundraising in China or cross-border; Strategies making (marketing and Sales, manufacturing contracting, software and hardware development); Hiring, legal, and tax; Exit opportunities and M&A.
WEEK 3-4 Matchmaking
Pairing applicants with listed companies; Co-plan on product localizing, customer positioning, manufacturing expansion.
WEEK 5-beyond JV
JV Creation: Ownership structure, IP, trademarks, legal; JV Growth
ChinaBase hubs are distributed in major cities across China, including Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Suzhou. Participating companies are welcomed into one of the hubs, and they may move across different hubs if needed.